Migration to vBulletin

Migration to vBulletin

phpBB to vBulletin


If you are using phpBB board and need to transfer this board to vBulletin with your growing needs then our team will take care of this migration for you.

IPBoard to vBulletin

Invasion Board (IPB)

If you want to migerate your forum from Invasion board (IPboard) to vBulletin then hire us to this tough job for you. We will make sure you don’t loss important stuff while this migration.

SimpleMachine Forums to vBulletin

Simple Machines (SMF)

vBulletin has a lot of powerful features which will give your community more stable and interesting platform to grow faster. You can get this service to transfer board from SMF to vBulletin.



Our team can help you to transfer Ikonboard based forum to vBulletin. There are a lot of cool features those are attracting customers toward vBulletin. So let us migrate your board with minimum downtime.

YaBB to vBulletin


YaBB to vBulletin import is what make things difficult for some clients. We will use impex system (by vBulletin) with our scripts to make this easy for you.

Burning Board

our team can import your Burining Board to vBulletin. If you hire our team to do this job for you then it will not effect your live traffic and we will use vBulletin impex system.

bbPress to vBulletin


If you are using WordPress bbPress board for your forum and need it to be migrated to vBulletin then hire our professional team to get this hard job for you.

Xenforo to vBulletin


In last year we got a lot of requests for migrating Xenfor to vBulletin. So we have created our own import script to import vBulletin forum to Xenfo.

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